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Water Features

Water features can be one of the most peaceful and iconic elements of a landscape design by adding ambiance, movement, and sound to your landscape. We ensure that they are designed for longevity and easy maintenance. GrassRoots is well versed in all types of water feature design and installation. 

We create modern and sleek water features using concrete and steel mixed with natural, organic and weathered materials, like mossy rocks and fallen logs. Whether you have a small or large space for a water feature within your landscape in Eugene, OR and surrounding areas, there is an element that can be used in order to create that serene, relaxing sensation provided from all types of water features.


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"If you need something built or rebuilt, beautified or reimagined, GrassRoots will not let you down. Garrett Vollstedt has an eye for perfection, is highly creative and resourceful, and he and his team have the skills, knowledge, and determination to see a project through that will surely meet or exceed your expectations."

Jonna T.

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