Plantings + Gardens

Plants have the powerful ability to impact our moods, alleviate stress, and improve our homes and communities. By understanding the nuances of form, texture and color found among the plants and trees that thrive in the Willamette Valley, we can design a living, dynamic space that creates the perfect atmosphere.

Beautiful plants are healthy plants, so we take our design cues from nature’s playbook, and strive to mimic the attributes of healthy landscapes. Wherever possible, our plant designs will create biodiversity, offer multiple functions, appeal to multiple senses, and encourage mutually beneficial plant relationships. Coupled with the appropriate care, these principles will guarantee that your plants and soil grow healthier and more beautiful with time.

GrassRoots Softscape Services include:

  • Design and installation of new plants, trees and shrubs
  • Install of new soil and bark
  • Raised planting beds
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Soil prep and amendments
  • Boulder placement and dry creek beds in the landscape

‘The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway.’

– Michael Pollan

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