Affiliates & Certifications

Oregon Landscape Contractors Board (License #9202)

GrassRoots is licensed with the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board and holds an “All Phase” license. This allows us to work on all types of landscape renovation and construction projects, including irrigation and backflow.

From LCB Website:
This license provides consumers with some specific protections. This includes but is not limited to:

  • A bond which allows consumer compensation if there is a breach of contract or negligent or improper work.
  • Liability insurance that provides protection to the consumer’s property if damage occurs during the construction phase of the project.
  • A Landscape Construction Professional who has passed exams demonstrating technical knowledge to perform and supervise the work.
  • A dispute resolution process administered by the board that mediates between the consumer and the landscape contracting business saving both parties legal costs.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance which protects the employee and frees the consumer from responsibility if there is an injury on the work site.

When you contract with a licensed landscape contracting business you have a higher level of protection of your investment in your landscape project.

Construction Contractors Board (License #205984)

GrassRoots is licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. This allows us to work on all phases of residential construction projects, as well as manage all aspects of subcontracted work pertaining to your project.

From the CCB Website:

  • The CCB can help mediate disputes between you and a contractor but only if the contractor is licensed.
  • Licensed contractors can be held accountable if something goes wrong.
  • Only licensed contractors are able to get the required building permits.
  • Licensed contractors have completed training and passed a test about laws and business practices for construction contracting.

Trex Pro Certification

GrassRoots is one of the only certified TrexPro installers in our area. Our carpentry crews are trained in all Trex brand best practices and latest techniques. Trex is a very diverse product that is extremely environmentally friendly (made of 95% recycled materials) and allows for endless creative design options.

From TrexPro Website:

“A TrexPro is a professional committed to building quality decks using the Trex family of products. A TrexPro adheres to our installation requirements and program guidelines and adds value to his or her territory while representing Trex as a customer’s best option in every sales call. In return, Trex provides valuable benefits to the TrexPro members such as increased exposure, a profile on to showcase prior work, generating customer satisfaction surveys, and a warranty program.”

Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI)

GrassRoots is one of the few ICPI certified hardscape installers in our area. We have installed all types of hardscapes, including pavers, retaining walls, driveways and pathways using all types of materials. Our hardscape crews are trained on all ICPI best practices and we are constantly looking for more efficient and better ways to create lasting and quality installations.

From the ICPI Website:

From ICPI Website: “The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), founded in 1993, is the trade association representing the segmental concrete pavement industry in the United States and Canada. ICPI is considered by peer associations around the world as the leader in development and dissemination of technical information for design professionals and contractors. ICPI engages in a broad range of technical, marketing, educational, government relations and communications activities.”